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Just some extra love for Kelli and Jake


As most of you know Kelli & Jake welcomed their handsome little boy into this world on 5/20/21šŸ’™ sweet little Emmet is so handsome and perfect! The first few weeks are always the most chaotic and I know the last thing I wanted to do was cook! I mean who wants to do anything when they have a sweet little baby to stare at šŸ˜ so I thought this would be a super cool way to help the first time parents out!Ā 

Special Notes

Iā€™m not exactly sure what all their favorite restaurants are so I definitely just threw a bunch on there hopefully they donā€™t mind lolĀ  I also want to add that Jake is listed as the recipient on here, so anything purchased for them goes directly to Jakes email! Ā