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Support for Ed Hayes

Helena, MT


Thanks for visiting Ed's Page! Ed has been diagnosed with amyloidosis. He will likely undergo chemo treatments for 3 months. Then, assuming everything goes according to plan, he will be able to have a bone marrow stem cell transplant. Unfortunately with that procedure, he will need to travel out of state and will need to stay there for at least a month. But the benefit is that it could actually cure his disease (as opposed to treating it and hoping for the best like most cancers). If he doesn't qualify for that procedure, it will be several more months of chemo. Ed says the chemo they will be giving him is not supposed to be as harsh as most, and plans to work during the 3 months of treatment. When asked what we could do to help, Ed's response was that he felt guilty asking people to help when he was so far self-sufficient. Typical Ed. But as you can imagine, this is a long and tiring process with lots of medical appointments and logistics to maneuver. So I convinced him to let us create a website where people can sign up to help with meals (and if he wants help with rides, hotels, etc later on, we can easily add those), just to make his life a little easier during this time.

Special Notes

Ed is DIABETIC, so please keep in mind when cooking up snacks/meals for him. You can find lots of great ideas with a quick google search for "recipes for diabetic meals." When dropping off food, Benton is a busy street so you can use the alley that runs behind the houses, parallel to Benton, park in front of his garage, and access his back door through his back yard (with short white wooden fence). Have added placeholders for dropping off food on the calendar below, but it doesn't have to be on those days.

Care Calendar