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Erica & Ivy Love shower

Bakersfield, CA


On August 7th at 12:00 P.M. we learned that Ivy had no longer had a heartbeat. There were no warning signs and or explanation for her death. Erica had not felt her kicking in the morning hours, and she instantly went to the emergency room. Ivy was in the breech position and the doctor would have to manually turn her so vaginal birth can be performed. The success rate for this is very low and it is very painful for the mother. Erica chose this option, and it was not successful, but it was very brave of her to even attempt this. The second option was a C-section in which she had no choice but to do. We waited for over 10 hours to figure out what had taken our baby away. The operation was finally performed at 1045 PM, during that time mid surgery we learn Ivy suffered from Nuchal Cord. I cannot find the words to describe how Erica handled this whole situation. Having to sit for over 10 hours to understand why her baby was no longer kicking in her belly and asking herself where she went wrong. Erica mid surgery, cut wide open fully awake and aware finally learns what ended Ivy’s life and having to see her in my arms while not being able to hear her. I hear the cries of Erica as I show her the lifeless beautiful baby we created. Finally, being able to hold and see her baby at 11:40 PM, she exhaustingly fights to stay awake to have the moment that all mothers wait for. Still, we only hear the cries of each other and see the tears of the nurses as we happily enjoy the site of our baby girl. Ivy was 6lbs 18.5 inches with blue eyes and a head full of hair. I can only paint a picture to describe what Erica went through during this time.

Special Notes

I created this page and events so that Erica & Ivy get the love and support that each of them deserve. Shower them each with love as they endured the most beautiful moment in life in correlation with one of the worst moments in life. We would appreciate flowers that will be displayed through Ivy’s room and gift baskets for Erica if you choose to donate.