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Welcome home baby Santana Bretas!

Washington, DC


Hello friends! The intention of this page is to set up a meal train for our family while we welcome baby into our home and get used to growing our family from 2 to 3 :) We appreciate your help, whether you are near or far, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us during this time. It takes a village! Follow the page to see any updates on the Care Calendar as things will probably come up I can't predict at this time. For now I've set up the Meal Train on there daily for the 1st two weeks starting a few days after expected delivery (Feb 26!!), which of course, may also change.

Special Notes

We are not sure yet about our Visitor policy but probably will NOT be accepting any visitors for the first few months, except immediate family. No worries, you will get to meet baby soon enough when it's strong enough!

Care Calendar