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Fighting cancer with Mindy and her family

Charlotte, MI


Back in 2018 Mindy was diagnosed with colon cancer. At the time they thought it was a small tumor and could be easily removed, so a colon resection was completed in November. After the surgery the pathology report showed the tumor to be stage 2 and no other treatment was required. 1 year later the scope showed that she was cancer free, but she needed to be checked annually. Due to the pandemic Mindy was not able to get the scope done and so she was sent for blood work at which point it was determined that her CEA count was elevated (her cancer was back). After a scope in June and pet scan later the same month the plan going forward was to have another resection surgery. However after more careful review there were some additional areas from the scan that were of concern and a panel of doctors determined that the best approach would be to postpone the surgery and instead begin a cycle of chemotherapy. After which the plan is to rescan and reevaluate. The hope is that this chemo will not only shrink the cancer cells in the colon and lymph nodes in her pelvic region, but also better help the doctors to determine whether the small (5mm) spot on her lung is cancerous or not. The medicines she will be receiving (FolFox & Avastin)have shown to be very effective in treating colon cancer as well as lung cancer etc. Our hope is that this round of chemo will shrink the cancer cells enough to complete a successful resection at a later date. While this seems overwhelming to many, we are very strong in our faith and know that God will prevail. We are ready for the fight and thankful to all of you who will join us in prayer, as well as your outpouring of love and support!

Special Notes

We are so thankful and appreciative for anything and everything. The kids are not particularly picky eaters, they love most meats and vegetables. We are trying to eat as much fresh fish as possible as we've been told that that's very good for all of us! We know we have many fisherman friends and would love to sample their catches! Our faves are salmon, walleye, white fish and cod, but will try pretty much anything. The kids love casseroles, soups and pasta dishes that do not have red sauce. We are trying to stay away from large amounts of dessert/sugars even though we love them! In lieu of full meals we are expecting that we will have to do many small snacks and we've been talking about fresh fruits, yogurts and vegetables and dips along with granola, pita, and cracker snacks. We may add additional days to the calendar as needed. I have had some people ask about cash donations and if this is something you would like to do let me know and I can add their PayPal or Venmo accounts. Thank you!

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