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Supporting the Hulls

Victorville, CA


Support for the Hulls was started to support Jon, Kaitlyn, and Gisella as they grieve the loss of their son, Brixton Max, at 22 weeks gestational age. Let’s rally around them and show them how loved they are! Thank you for your support!

Special Notes

How you can help: We want to make sure they are well fed. Please see the calendar below for the family's needs. Due to diet restrictions, gift cards are preferred for meals. To help with a gift card, select a meal on the calendar and select "help with gift card".  To help with funeral expenses and cost of living, please see the "Support the Hulls" GoFundMe page (  Kaitlyn and Jon love everyone who wants to support them but we want to make sure we give them the space to mourn as a family, so at the current time, please no visitors without checking first.

Care Calendar