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Support For Stace

Bloomington, IN


From Stace’s FB page 3.24.21:  23 days ago our lives were turned upside down... March 2: I found a lump in my breast. March 3: Dr appointment March 5: 4 hour mammogram and then ultrasound. March 8, International Womens Day: surgeon appointment-told me I had Cancer. March 10: biopsy 2 places March 12: results-stage 2, positive in my breast and lymph node-scheduled a PET scan to see if it has spread. Met my nurse navigator. Poor woman, she has no idea... March 15: another appointment with surgeon. Set up appointments with oncology, surgery date for port placement. March 16: PET scan March 18: Wig fitting... March 19: drug Troy with me to Wig Wam for more wig fittings. Photos later🤣 March 19: Regular dr appointment to get on anti anxiety meds. March 19: back to the dr for blood work and Covid test to prep for surgery. March 19: Indy for MRI March 22: First oncologist appointment-cried the entire time. Told me it’s stage 3-curable tho! March 23: Surgery for port placement March 24: My first Kicking Cancers ass chemo treatment! 💖 The fight has started, I have pushed for earlier tests, earlier appointments and to get this fight started! My bulldog spirit has came in super handy to say the least. I have learned already so much through this-my spirit has been striped to the core and I’m fighting to get my mojo back! 💪🏼 I thought I was doing everything right-annual mammograms since I was 39, self testing, blood work, everything missed it for 2-3 years. Dang. At the moment we need love, support, healing energy, prayers, funny positive meme’s-hearing from you helps💖 Know when this fight has been won, we will have a great, giant pool party and if you are on my team-you will be invited to throw a log, match, twig whatever to fan my flame!   

Special Notes

Stace and Myk’s address is 4656 N Shadow Wood Dr, Bloomington, IN 47404  Please keep meals low-carb, whole wheat and cancer-fighting friendly. Freezer-friendly is also a bonus. 

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