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Team Trē


Everyone loves Doctor Trē! She’s a Mom, Grandma, Great-grandma, Cousin, Aunt, Dear Friend, Inspirational Coach, Therapist and Cheerleader for countless people. It is no wonder, therefore, that she has such a huge fan club and support team! She has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer. She has had the tumor removed and is beginning the rehab process, which includes some mobility work. In the future, there will be additional treatments. I am sure you all have a lot of questions, but at the time of this posting, there are few definitive answers. Also, as mom likes to keep her personal life on the down-low, we are honoring her desire for privacy. She loves you all, and appreciates your support. However, she doesn’t want sympathy, nor negative or sad feelings expressed to her, as they could drain her positive energy. And yes, her spirits and energy remain high. I am sure you can all envision her complementing her medical team and laughing with them. It is for all of these reasons that we have created this, Team Tre, page. It will allow us to share with you all, what she is up to. And allow her to focus on herself (imagine that!). To focus on healing. To leave your messages of love and encouragement, please do so through this site's message center (Keeping in mind this is a sad and negative free zone!). This site will allow Tre to have one place to go to read your messages and feel your love and support. Please don't expect responses (from Tre or her family), as that too would be incredibly time-consuming and exhausting. You can imagine how difficult it would be to continually relive these experiences as we communicate with each person who wants to show support. No matter what moniker we use for her (mom, auntie, cousin, grandma, Meema, Pat, Patty, Trish, Trisha, Patricia or Doctor Tre), all of us love her! Go Team Trē!!!!

Special Notes

At this point in time, no assistance is needed and she is accepting limited visitors. She does not really use her phone - so please send messages from this site. Generally her basic day takes a lot out of her, so thank you for helping her get the rest she needs in between all the requirements of rehab, and healing. Thank you!!!!