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Baby Wiedman Is Officially Earthside!

Tempe, AZ


I started this page to give us a bit of structure and time to set aside for you all to visit and meet our beautiful son! I knew that we would be needing some help while I am recovering, and we simply do not have enough hands. We appreciate all of you and can't wait to share our bundle of joy with the world!

Special Notes

Mama dislikes processed sugars, olives and anchovies and dad will eat anything. We are not picky, especially when it comes to homecooked foods! Breast feeding burns up to 500 calories a day, so the more healthy and nutrient dense, the better! Don’t feel like you have to bring a homemade meal. Snacks, Restaurant meals or gift cards are also appreciated! Whether homemade or bought, the best meals to bring are those that don’t require much, if any, assembly. If you need to change the time, that's totally fine. It is more of a guideline. Please check in with Jason or I before stopping by to reconfirm. Some of Kiki's favorites for restaurant meals: Indian: Spinach stuff, Chicken Tikka masala, that veggie dish with potatoes, cauliflower, etc Thai: Jason loves Drunken noodles, Kiki loves green curry & rice Pho: Chicken, Beef, or meatball and beef with basil and lime) Pasta: ANY kind Ethiopian Salad & Go

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