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Sabra Starr Support System

Winter Park, FL


The Sabra Starr Support System supports our incredible, tenacious, fierce friend Sabra Starr as she undergoes a double mastectomy as a part of her fight against stage 4 breast cancer. Let's rally around her and show her how loved and supported she is! Right now we want to make sure in the days after recovery she is well fed and has some back-up support for day to day tasks as she tackles recovery. Her brother will be in town May 24th-June 1st to help with her puppy-son, Palmer, as well as drive her to appointments right around surgery. Her friend Ashley will be here May 28th- June 7th. She will need additional assistance from friends to help with some more complicated tasks like emptying surgical drains from her chest. This is required several times a day for the few weeks following surgery. This is not something she will be able to accomplish alone for *at least* the first few days. There are signup times below for this and this piece is really important to have committed support so if you have the time. If you sign up for something and cannot follow through, please let Sabra know. If you want to help but cannot commit your time, offering love in the form of food is a HUGE help as well. She will also accept donations on her Venmo @sabra-starr Please see the ways you can help below. Check out the calendar to sign up to help on specific days. During the month of June: - Help with drainage tubes from surgery (please reach out to Sabra for more info) - Help with food (meals easy to reheat or in bulk are a huge help!) - Walking Palmer 1x a day (starting June 8th, after in-home help leaves) - Help cleaning up through house like 1-2x a week (anything will help since mobility and likely energy will be low) - Driving places as needed Looking into the future, Sabra will need help getting to Chemo appointments: 2501 North Orange Ave, 9:00am-11:00am Drop-off and Pick-Up - June 24th - July 15th - August 5th

Special Notes

Chemotherapy has created some dietary restrictions that are important to consider here. Due to the sensitivity caused by these drugs, please consider the following when contributing food: - NO dairy - NO caffeine - NO raw meat - NO spicy foods - NO high sugar contents Please avoid processed food-- healthy options are preferred :) Anything you can offer is, of course, appreciated.

Care Calendar