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Support for Daniella to Heal from Cancer

Oakland, CA


You may know Daniella as dear friend, classmate, confidante, therapist, past co-worker, or acquaintance. To those of us writing this letter, she is daughter, sister, niece, aunt, cousin. If you know Daniella at all, you know that she is soulful, fierce, deeply loving, and brave. But our Daniella, who will turn just 45 in August 2021, was recently diagnosed with a rare case of virally-induced stage 4 cancer of the larynx. While we are amazed at the depths of soulful courage she is already calling forth, she is in need of significant funds to carry her through her journey.  Whether you know her now or long in the past; whether you are her close friend or a stranger, you can still stand in her corner by giving whatever you can to help cover the countless expenses that accompany the treatment of and recovery from the heartbreaking illness she is currently struggling with.  Daniella grew up in New York City, which is where almost her entire family lives. About a decade ago, she picked up and moved to the Bay Area to start a new life. And she thrived, studying diligently to become a psychotherapist and ultimately starting a practice of her own. But Daniella’s psychotherapy practice is very new, her income is modest, her medical insurance is bare-bones, and the costs related to her cancer treatment and recovery are overwhelming.  These are costs that insurance won’t cover, like the cost of medically skilled overnight home care to maintain the feeding tube in her stomach and the breathing tube in her throat, like travel and long-term lodging expenses for family and friends who make the cross-country trip to be by her side and support her emotionally, like so many unforeseeable costs that inevitably emerge alongside a serious illness such as cancer.  And even if Daniella’s treatment regimen destroys the tumor attacking her larynx, she will still be facing at least six months—but more likely close to a full year—of recovery without income before she gets her strength back, is able to live independently, and can return to doing what she loves: helping others as a psychotherapist.  We, as Daniella’s family members, have already spent thousands of dollars to make sure Daniella is properly taken care of and never has to be alone during this ordeal. To cope with these overwhelming costs and unimaginable future expenses, we are beseeching all who read this to support her by giving whatever you can. Let’s turn her luck around and turn her life around, so she can regain her health and all the years of possibility that still lie ahead of her.  With deep gratitude,

Special Notes

Daniella needs financial resources while she continues chemo and radiation treatment, along with emotional support from her friends and family. I'm Hanna, her aunt and my role in Daniella's support system is to make sure we have the finances to support her care. Please know, that 100% of the funds we collect will go to pay for home aides, nurses, and equipment needed to bring her back to health. So give what you can. I sincerely thank you, as does the rest of the family. Most important, Daniella thanks you for your kindness and support.

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