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Tingley Tough đź’šđź’™

Lansing, MI


On March 27th, Matt went to U of M for a colonoscopy. He had been experiencing a handful of concerning health issues and the doctors wanted to check everything. During the procedure, they had to stop. They found a tumor was too large to get the camera around. After Matt came out of anesthesia, they called Teresa back to inform us of what they found and how urgent it was to address the issue. They set up additional tests and scans, and confirmed stage 3 colon cancer. The Tingley’s learned that the same surgeon that performed Teresa’s corrective surgery in October, was the same surgeon that would be initially helping with Matt’s new diagnosis. The surgeon said, “this will get worse before it gets better.”  Matt had two procedures done this week, and is now home resting up for treatment that will begin next week! We will keep you all updated as things happen, and as God works in their life’s through this Journey. I know that TT is one of the most positive, selfless, high-spirited, kind and loving woman I have ever met. I am asking to start this meal train to take some stress off of her, and Matt and the kids while they adjust to this difficult time in their life. If you are unable to assist with a meal one night, you can always offer support through prayer. Lift the Tingley’s up to Jesus. Offer prayer for strength, guidance, faith, safe travels, steady hands, knowledgeable doctors, etc. 

Special Notes

Until the end of April, Matt is on a low fiber diet. This means very limited fruits, veggies and whole grains. Besides this, none of them have allergies. Please provide enough for a family of four. Depending on what you decide to make, if you have the means, an option for a frozen meal would be wonderful as well! If you are not comfortable with a porch drop off, or don’t live local- there are many places that offer delivery in their area- Little Caesers, GrubHub, DoorDash, etc. They all enjoy: Pizza McDonald’s Arby’s Wendy’s Teresa is okay with a text or Facebook message for ideas or suggestions! Please drop off between 5p-6p Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions as well (517-927-8985- texting works best with a guaranteed quick response!)

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