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Help for The Schuets

San Jose, CA


Thanks to all who have so generously stepped up to support Monica and the kids through the uncertainty of the last several days. As of Saturday, that it was confirmed that Daniel died by suicide. This is such tragic and heartbreaking news for the family, and they will continue to need our love and support as they transition through this next chapter.  For those of you not familiar with their love story, Monica and Daniel were high school sweethearts – they met at the same school where Monica has taught for the last 15+ years. They have two beautiful children, Evan, and Leah. Daniel enjoyed playing basketball and soccer, was a loving dad, and was very handy, building the bench that sits on their front porch, and remodeling their kitchen. He was so beloved, and will be so very missed.  There are many opportunities to support Monica, Evan and Leah, though the most helpful in the “now” is supporting with meals, which you can sign up for below. Daniel loved his family through their kitchen – cooking them hot breakfasts in the morning, and creating delicious woodfired pizzas in their outdoor pizza oven. This act of love (and many others) will be sorely missed, and so making sure that they are fed and nourished will be of great help.

Special Notes

Monica, Evan & Leah are vegetarian.

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