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Love for Tim & Susan Green

Concord, NC


Tim Green was recently diagnosed with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. His story of finding out he had it, is quite remarkable. God used an infection and a Urologist being proactive to order a CT scan. While they certainly were not looking for cancer in the lungs God allowed the scan to reveal a mass on his left lung and some surrounding lymph nodes. We know that it was God who allowed them to catch it when they did and that He will be with our family each step of the way. We appreciate you wanting to love and support Tim and Susan during this time. Let's rally around them and show them how loved they are! We will update this page as their needs change. Thank you again for your support!

Special Notes

Tim is diabetic and is watching this sugar and carb intake. Radiation may eventually make his throat sore and we may need to consider soft foods only. As of now this isn't a problem. Foods to avoid in recipes: corn, anything too spicy with sensitive throat. Also, Please no sick visitors. If you have any doubts, reschedule. Visitors can visit with family outside. Thank you!