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Welcome Baby Mandujano

Santa Rosa, CA


Baby Mandujano is on his way! Let's pull together to help this new family as they get settled into life as new parents. Many of us can recall being new parents and being so busy with feedings, diaper changes and finding time to rest that feeding and taking care of ourselves was put into the back burner. This is where we come in. By signing up to drop off a meal or groceries, Zalvina and Fabian will have more time to focus on their baby boy and hopefully get some rest.

Special Notes

Just a reminder, Fabian and Zalvina will not be accepting visitors until the baby is 3-4 weeks old. In addition, all visitors must have a current TDAP vaccine. COVID vaccine preferred but not required. When signing up do deliver a meal or groceries please be accepting of their desires and do a simple drop off. They will allow visitors when they are ready. Thank you on behalf of Fabian and Zalvina

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