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Supporting the Allen's

Circleville, OH


I know most of you That will want to help already knows our story, but long story short my grandma has Alzheimer's and my grandfather has dementia with lewy bodies and parkinson's. They have a apartment built on to Amy's house so she's been caring for them the past 10years but this last year is when things started getting bad, that's when I left my job to help care for them as well because it's so much on my aunt my heart breaks for her go to my page Cierra Allen or Amy's page Amy Allen entler and watch the latest live to get an update bc alot has happened in the last week. I thought this would be a neat way for everyone to pitch in and help with a lunch or dinner or some groceries or a gift card to get food everything will go to Amy. Also there are six people that live just so you have an idea on the amount of food. If you can't help out plz just pray for us 💜❤️💜we are so beyond blessed 🙏 thanks in advance y'all are amazing ❤️

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No special diet or allergies.

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