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FWPD Sgt. Steve Jackson

Fort Worth, TX


FWPD Sgt Stephen Jackson and his family need the help and support of their blue family! Steve and his loving wife, Tara, are proud parents of twin 17-year-old high school girls. Their world was turned upside down, just a few days ago when Tara was just diagnosed with a brain tumor! Just over a week ago, Tara began having stroke like symptoms (the right eye was blurry, the left hand went numb, she wanted to lay down and felt weird, and the left cheek was numb). Her husband took her to the hospital, where a CT scan revealed a possible tumor. Further testing concluded that Tara has a tennis ball-sized brain tumor, and it has likely been there for around 3–5 years. A biopsy was performed to figure out the nature of the tumor.  Tara's surgeon has referred them to a surgeon in Houston for further treatment.  As you can imagine, no one is ever prepared for a diagnosis like this! Medical bills have already started mounting. The stress of having to deal with treatment plans, along with the uncertainty about what the future holds, is quite overwhelming without the added burden of the mounting financial strain.  This is where Sgt. Jackson's blue family can step in to relieve a tremendous amount of stress for them! Preparing a home cooked meal, having food delivered, or even just a grocery gift card would be a tremendous amount of help! If further needs are identified we will make sure to pass that along. 

Special Notes

All gifts cards sent through this website will go straight to Sgt Jackson's email. No known food allergies or food restrictions

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