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The Graduation Of Lisa Elisabeth Remmelts Daguio

Shenandoah, PA


After decades of battling MS and being bedridden for the last 9 years, my sweet sister in law, Lisa Daguio passed away. She was lovingly and constantly attended by my brother, Kawika Daguio, their daughter Sarah Malia and their dear friend Erika. My brother is probably the most honorable man I know. As he was on track for great worldly success in internet security, he made the conscious choice to be the husband and father that he desired to be instead. He chose work that allowed his presence to be priority. My sister in law's greatest wishes in the end were for the relief, support and tending of her family that sacrificed so much for her comfort and care. Now my brother needs to take care of health issues of his own. He has been struggling with a bad knee, is recovering his eyesight after several recent eye surgeries and incurred a rotator cuff injury from his caregiving in her final days. The support you give will go a long way in recovering financial losses from years of medical expenses, lost work for Sarah Malia, current medical needs and transportation in order to accomplish this and allow them to have some much needed visits with family. We are all so grateful for every kind word, prayer and support. In my brother’s own words… Lisa’s Graduation Announcement (trumpets harps and cherubim) I woke this morning napping on the futon parked next to Lisa’s (my partner of 35 years) hospital bed in our converted dining room to find her totally pain and concern free for the first time in decades. The home hospice people and her doctors especially her beloved nurses and neurologist made her final days mostly painless but allowing those of us gathered around some moments of clarity and connection between doses of meds. She was still isolated/locked in due to compromised immune system issues since the beginning of covid and was bedridden for nearly 9 years since we brought her home from the nursing home from a 4 month stay to care for her ourselves. It’s been a journey, a rough rewarding road-trip an honor and privilege. Before the light went out of her eyes sometime this morning she lost her ability to communicate with words. Yesterday smiles and hugging gestures and hand squeezing were still happening and cherished. She lost Dutch days after losing English. Then overnight gestures then consciousness and then she graduated. But she fought on over the decades to be able help Sarah Malia grow up and become an amazing adult. So, we focus on our gratitude to her and God that she succeeded in her sacrifice. Her last clear contextual words to me were in her first language. “Dank u wel” “Ik hou van jou” Thank you (very much/formal to a senior) I love you. (Informal to a partner) I/we have been and still are blessed. Mahalo nui loa Our thanks and aloha go out to all of you that love and loved her. Your past and future support are gratefully recognized.

Special Notes

Please do not send food Kawika has bad food allergies.