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Love and Grub for Ellie, Kelly and Jeff!

Summerville, SC


Kelly and Jeff recently welcomed their little battleborn baby Ellie Paige into the world earlier than intended. Her birth went as well as can be expected for 25 weeks and 1 day and she is receiving the best available care at MUSC. However, her early arrival has come with its own set of obstacles and the road to her coming home with Kelly and Jeff is going to be a lengthy one. Because of this certain care tasks will feel overwhelming and through this site we hope to ease some of that burden by providing meals, pick me ups and well wishes. Any and all care is greatly appreciated, thank you. 

Special Notes

Notable allergens are lavender and cucumbers. Not a big fan of seafood, but otherwise not very picky.  Gas is one of their largest needs, as they are having to travel multiple times a week to and from MUSC. 

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