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About Supporting Baby Harlow

Harlow Quinn Elliott made her way into the world on March 29, 2019 at 3:42am. Weighing in at 3lbs and 5.7oz, she was 9 weeks earlier than mom and dad expected. On Thursday, March 28th, Amelia suddenly developed HELLP syndrome and the safest path forward for mama and baby was delivery. They took an ambulance ride to Carle Foundation Hospital in Champaign and Amelia and Edward became parents early in the morning on Friday, March 29th. Having a baby at 31 weeks carries with it special challenges that go beyond the normal challenges of early parenthood. Given that Harlow will have a NICU stay of at least 4 weeks, Amelia and Edward will primarily be spending time in Champaign (~45 minutes from home). Many of you have been asking how you can support this amazing family. Here are a couple of ways: We will be using the GoFundMe linked on this page to raise funds to help alleviate the cost/time of commuting back and forth--so they can find some extended stay lodging in Champaign (where they can have LuLu as well). Additionally, we will use this page to coordinate meals and a few wishlist items that can help ease the stress/challenge of these first few months.

Special Notes: 

For meal prep, they will come back in town weekly (likely Friday evenings) and can pick up prepared meals to take back to the hotel or store in the freezer. Drop offs should occur between 5-6pm on Friday evenings.  Send e-gift cards to [email protected]