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Murakami Meal Support



Just before midnight on 8/14, Michelle, Satoshi & Taka welcomed Satomi Chikara to the family! While the family feels prepared with most supplies, the best way family and friends can support from afar is by helping make sure they're all well fed! Due to dietary restrictions, it's best to provide food delivery and/or grocery gift cards so they can choose food options that work best for their family -- these can be found on their inkind wishlist. Due to COVID, the hospital recommends no visitors. During the first six weeks of Satomi's arrival, the family is accepting "helpers" only. Helpers include people ready to help around the home and/or entertain Taka while the busy parents get some rest with their newborn. The family is asking that only vaccinated visitors come to help directly. Due to the increase of Covid & the Delta variant in California, as well as a surge in RSV, all visitors will be asked to wear masks inside and/or while holding the baby. Please reschedule your visit if you have been feeling under the weather in any way.

Special Notes

The best times to help in person are between 10 AM to 12 PM & 3 PM to 5 PM. Please reach out to Michelle to schedule the best time to come by. We really appreciate you considering our children's health & rescheduling if you've been feeling under the weather in any way!

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