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Supporting Don Love through stage IV bladder cancer.

The Woodlands, TX


In early November, 2020, Don went in to get prepped for a knee replacement. During routine scans he also asked them to check his bladder since he had been experiencing pressure and urinating frequently. The doctors found a tumor and underwent further testing which confirmed stage II, aggressive bladder cancer. Don began chemo in January, finished in April and in May underwent Neobladder reconstruction surgery. On July 14, on an accidental full body scan, the doctors discovered 4 small spots of bladder cancer growth in his lungs. Don is to start immunotherapy as soon as possible and is currently on an organic, raw diet. Up keeping this type of fresh diet can be time consuming and challenging. Every morning, Candace and Don's daughter, Chelsea, prep and prepare Don's fresh juices and salads for the day. Food prep help and grocery curbside pickups would be such a blessing during this time. Don is married to Candace; they have 6 grown children, and 5 grandchildren. Don continues to work, when he can, during this time. The extra prayer, help and support would be huge for the Love family and they are beyond grateful.

Special Notes

If you sign up to help in one of the boxes below-text Candace, and she will give you the details! Thank you so much! 936-229-9297 *Sign up for breakfast*-Pick up a bag of produce from their house and return back chopped. This makes it easy for Candace to throw the chopped produce in the juicer for Don's fresh, daily multiple juices. *Sign up for groceries*-Candace will make a purchase at HEB, and you pick it up at curbside and deliver to her home, that's it! Thank you so much for this support!! It is beyond appreciated right now!

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