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Love for Myra

Clarkston, GA


Our dear friend Myra lost her son, Michael. Our hearts are broken for her and Michael; we want to ensure that we give our love and support to Myra during this difficult time and on the road ahead. Myra is an incredible and kind sweet soul. She has always been the person reaching out and healing those around her. Now it's our turn to return the favor. Please donate what you can, and please share this fundraiser - we would really appreciate it! We have attached a Gofundme page to assist with costs. We also want to make sure her meals are taken care of while she sorts through and processes this difficult and trying time.

Special Notes

We're adding a meal train to help Myra.  She loves all types of food; she just can't eat anything too spicy.  Garlic is ok.  She doesn't have any dietary restrictions.  Any fare is welcome!  Bbq, Asian, Italian, you name it - she loves it :-D Thanks for any assistance you can provide!!!  

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