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Kisses for Kristen

Greenwich, CT


Kristen is the most caring, generous, and sincere friend. She is an amazing mother who is raising two incredible children. She is adored by her parents and siblings. Most of all, Kristen is a loving wife to her husband, Rob. Kristen has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer that she will fight courageously with OUR help! No donation is too small! We want to alleviate any worries or hardships that could possibly arise due to medical bills and daily challenges. Thank you for your kindness! Let’s work together to send Kristen many kisses from afar!

Special Notes

If you visit the Go Fund Me Page for Kristen (link down below) these funds will cover medical bills that may arise & necessities for her recovery!  Some places they love - Longo’s Park Deli, Bella Nona, Lenny’s Bagels, Chicken Joes, and Upper Crust Bagels.  Some food ideas- Chicken Scarpariello, Chicken cutlets, Chicken Parmesan, Sausage and Peppers, Mac and Cheese, Chicken Nuggets. WHEN DELIVERING FOOD PLEASE LEAVE IT INSIDE THE BOX ON HER FRONT PORCH AND DO NOT RING THE BELL. Thank you! 

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