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Sharing the Love with KWex + Baby

Morrison, CO


As a couple, Kelsey and Wes (KWex) have a gift for bringing people together. In Vermont, Virginia, Thailand, Arizona, Colorado, and everywhere in between, their genuine warmth and infectious energy has led to great relationships, adventures, and stories with those all of us who are lucky enough to call them family or friends. And now, Wes and Kesley are delighted to announce that the newest addition to their community is on his way! As KWex await the arrival of their son, it's our chance to get ready to give back to a couple (soon-to-be family!) that has given to all of us in so many ways. Consider this your invitation to join the KWex + Baby Meal Train & more! Traditionally, meal trains involve the delivery of homemade meals but, like the KWex Experience, this is no ordinary event. Kelsey and Wes have thoughtfully included requests such as texts, flowers, gift cards, and visits to be able to include people who live both locally and far away. Please consider giving to the Dayton-Noyes family in any of the ways that are described below by clicking on the events/tasks listed in the calendar and entering your name. And stay tuned for upcoming announcements about Baby's arrival! More specific requests will be added to the calendar in the coming weeks :)

Special Notes

Texts: Feel free to text Kelsey or Wes after baby's arrival. Just note they may take a little while to get back to you (Wes may be your better bet!) Food: We will eat pretty much anything and love trying new foods! Kelsey doesn't eat red meat (i.e. pork or beef) but fish, chicken, and veggie is great. Wes is allergic to pit fruits (i.e. peaches, cherries, pears) and doesn't really love ricotta. Grocery Stores Near Us: King Soopers, Safeway, Sprouts, Trader Joes, Whole Foods Yummy Restaurants Near Us: India Nepal Oven, Pho 333, Moe's BBQ, Tommy's Subs, Fontana Sushi Visitors: are welcome. Please just make sure it is pre-arranged with the family before stopping by. If you are sick, please refrain from visiting until you are better. We'll ask smokers to make sure no smoking has occurred in the clothes they're wearing during the visit. With the delta variant, we'll be asking everyone to mask up & wash hands before holding baby :) Flowers: Kelsey LOVES having fresh flowers around the house. She loves sunflowers and any combinations of purple and green.

Care Calendar