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Supporting the Sita Family

huntingtown, MD


As many of you know, the Sita Family is going through the devastation of another house fire. On Friday August 27th, during the lightning storm their house was struck and the upstairs caught fire. Thankfully the firefighters were able to contain the fire as much as possible but many possessions were still lost and the house is completely unlivable. They will have to live elsewhere until the repairs are done. This is leaving many of them without their home so I am setting this page to make things a little easier on them since some of them will be living in a hotel and in others homes until a rental is found. Them members that have been displaced are five adults and one 2 year old girl child.

Special Notes

The Sita Family is known and loved by so many and I know many people would like to help. Gift cards to carryout restaurants, fast food places, and other stores for basic things they may need would be incredibly helpful during this time. If you would like to reserve a day to bring a meal over it can be delivered to Angela’s house. The address is provided, but please go through the calendar so they will know when people are coming by.

Care Calendar