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We're tired. Please help.

Golden Valley, MN


Hi friends, I’m starting this page to ask for some much needed support. Liz has been doing the lion's share of caregiving for me, and we could really use some additional love/support/care for both of us. This is incredibly hard, and we are incredibly tired. We're 11 months into this shitty, traumatic journey, and while I've spent less of my time in hospital beds the last couple of months than the previous nine, our stamina is running out. We need your help now more than ever. Food is challenging. We could use the occasional easy meal where someone else cooks it, orders and delivers something magical, and/or meal preps and batch cooks. We love food and live in the kitchen, but sometimes it's more of a challenge than we can manage, especially after the long trips to Rochester for chemotherapy. Emotionally, we're exhausted. And Liz, who has been with me every second of every day and supporting me on all the levels, needs a break like no one has ever needed a break. Staying active is hard. My muscles are wasting away. It’s scary. Staying connected is hard, too. When we're not at our best, when we're tired and in pain and scared and frustrated, it's hard to climb out of that hole and reach out to friends. But we can use as much 'normal' life as we can get. We'd love diversions, both as a couple and as individuals -- mellow, safe, outdoor socialization and exercise. If you have a free hour and feel like taking a walk, chatting (about anything besides cancer) on the front porch, drinking lemonade on the dock, floating in the lake, taking a pedal boat ride, or paddle boarding, holler at us -- we’d love to see you!

Special Notes

No shellfish, mushrooms, or kids. Doctors' orders. (Well, not the mushrooms.) If you have doubts about it being allergies vs. a cold, or if you're not still wearing masks indoors, please love on us from afar. My immune system can't handle it, and I'd really like to stay out of the hospital forevermore. **The address will be provided in the confirmation email after you sign up for a spot on the calendar.**

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