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Meal Train for Maryn and Zack

Seattle, WA


Maryn and Zack welcomed baby William on Saturday, January 27. Mom and baby are both happy and healthy, and back home! Maryn and Zack would love to have you participate in their meal train so they can be nourished with food and have one less thing to worry about in their transition to a family of 3.

Special Notes

****Please ensure any home cooked meals or delivery include gluten free and pescatarian or veggie options for Mama Maryn. Zack loves all things, including extra gluten and meat :) **** If you are up for cooking, homemade meals Maryn and Zack would love: -Veggie soups/stews (eg, lentil, butternut squash, etc) -Fish/veggies -Salads/bowls -....and/or any meat on the side for Zack Cuisines: -Asian -Mexican -Mediterranean -Salads If your are ordering delivery, some favorite restaurants include: -BaBar -Bounty Kitchen -Bamboo Sushi -Tivoli -Fremont Bowl -Rione XIII -Annapurna Cafe -....and open to any of your favorites!

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