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Supporting Connie Massey with meals from the heart

Fort Worth, TX


9/25/2021 - Connie has recently been told that she has a meningioma brain tumor that needs to be removed. The good news is that 99% of these are benign and are located on the lining of the brain. Hers is located on the right side, above her eye and is somewhat embedded so there are some vascular concerns which will make the removal a little more complicated, but she feels good about the outcome overall. Recovery will be determined by how surgery went and how her body reacts. Surgery is scheduled for the morning of the 29th. Thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.

Special Notes

Connie & Coach love meats, veggies, pasta, seafood.......pretty much everything and anything:) Although Connie & Coach appreciate any food you would like to give, uplifting cards would also be sufficient and appreciated. šŸ’œ Please contact organizer by texting 817-229-8491 for mailing address if needed.

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