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The Jones’ Meal Train

Oakdale, CA


The Jones’ Meal Train supports Adrianna and Jeffrey Jones as they celebrate the soon-to-be birth of their daughter! Let’s show them how loved and supported they are by providing them with meals so they can spend more time gazing in awe at their beautiful creation! This page will be updated as their needs change and once babygirl is born. Adrianna’s due date is August 30, so I have the meals starting on September 1st. I will add or remove the meal delivery dates until she delivers!

Special Notes

Fish allergy! Please no fish of any kind. Shellfish is okay. If you are planning to deliver the meals yourselves we are asking that you respect the new mommy and daddy during this transition period and not visit with them during the meal drop off. If you are ordering food to be delivered or buying them gift cards, Jeff and Adrianna are not picky and would enjoy meals from anywhere! :)

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