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Well Wishes for Wendy

Goodyear, AZ


In 2021 Wendy was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. She's a fighter and did all the chemo and surgeries she needed to kick cancer's butt. Unfortunately the cancer returned last August. Wendy has done some pretty crazy brave stuff to kick this cancer, including having chemo poured directly into her lung! After several months of struggling to breathe she's finally off oxygen and her scans show a "slight improvement" in the lungs. She's been doing weekly chemo for the last 3-4 months and in December she started getting severe headaches. We had hoped that it was a side effect of so much chemo but the results from her testing last week show that she has Leptomeningeal Disease, the cancer has spread to her cerebrospinal fluid. On Saturday, Feb 17th she had brain surgery to place an Ommaya Resevoir. It's a port for chemo to be injected directly into her brain. She had her first dose on the 19th and we're hoping for improved quality of life. We've reached a devastating place in this battle and the prognosis is that Wendy has 4-5 months left while she does this chemo. We're trying our best to support Chris and Jackson during the most heartbreaking time of their lives by helping them provide round the clock care for Wendy. Your time and love, even from a distance, is appreciated.

Special Notes

Please send emails with well wishes to [email protected] and texts to 602-380-0009. We'll make sure she gets them and Chris and Jackson would love to know more about you and your love for Wendy. If you have time to do more than one shift that's great! Please reach out for confirmation of location; home or hospital and any other needs that might come up. When Wendy goes home she will still need around the clock care and someone to take her to appointments. Those opportunities will be added here. If you're loving Wendy from far away, consider sending a gift card for Chris & Jackson to get dinner and groceries between trips to the hospital. Cash donations to cover other expenses such as gas, time off work, etc can be sent to *********FINISH HERE*******

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