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Need of Support for Tanya

Amity, AR


Hi.I'm not for real sure what i'm doing on this,however;it doesnt matter to me and it wouldnt matter to my friend,Tanya Bush either.Tanya is my best friend,my sister,and a beatiful creation of God.Tanya has had cancer of the brain twice in the past and is now having to go through it again for the third time.Tanya is the kind of lady that walks into a room full of people and gets greeted by everyone.Shes a really strong willed person and is strong inside and out and can fight through anything with her head held on.Tanyas husband of 10 years recentley abandonded her leaving her to have to deal with life and what lifes putting her through alone and is overwhelmed with all of it and has lost so much in these past few months and is steadily falling.So right now i'd like to take the time to ask for prayers for Tanya that God give her the strength she needs to keep going and also id like to ask for donations to help her to be able to have somebody come to her home and dig her a well so that she has running water and other things that she might need.Any little bit of help she can get is is much appreciated by Tanya and she would be very grateful to any/all that would please help.Please people.What Would Jesus Do?My Jesus would do this very thing and more for Tanya and anyone else in need of help.Please everybody reach out and help somebody.

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