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Song and Prayers for Shirley Sparks

Odessa, MO


Shirley Sparks has loved Jesus her entire life. Even as a young girl she would leave recess and go sneak into the chapel so she could sit and speak with Jesus. We as her family would love it if we could get people to come fellowship, sing, or pray with Shirley over the next couple weeks. Shirley is getting ready to meet Jesus and should soon be receiving a welcome at the pearly gates. However, she would be blessed to fellowship with her brothers and sisters in Christ here on earth before she goes home. We are wanting people to donate their time and come to the house to share and soak in Jesus love with Shirley. We want to bring her peace in the last bit of her life by focusing on Jesus’ love. So praise and worship sing alongs, prayers, and sharing in God’s word by devotions would be welcome! Please help us bless this amazing woman in her last days. Let’s give her peace and a Christian wrap around that will help her. Thank you!

Special Notes

Please no sick visitors. If you can’t come in person we would love to have videos to share as well! Cards can also be sent with your favorite scriptures and God’s word.

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