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Share the love for Tracie in her cancer journey

San Antonio, TX


Tracie Ruiz, a beloved mother and Hospice Nurse for 15 years in the San Antonio community, has recently been faced with a challenging diagnosis of stage 3/4 uterine cancer at just 47 years old. Throughout her life, Tracie has touched the lives of countless individuals with her kindness and selflessness, providing comfort and care to those in their most vulnerable moments. Now, it's our turn to support Tracie as she embarks on a difficult journey of aggressive cancer treatments. Unfortunately, these treatments will render her unable to work and generate the income she needs to sustain her daily life. We humbly request all those who know and love Tracie to contribute whatever you can towards providing her with the peace of mind necessary to focus on her healing rather than worrying about utility bills. For those who may not be familiar with Tracie Ruiz, it's essential to understand her unwavering dedication to her role as a Hospice Nurse. Even from her hospital bed, Tracie remains in remarkably good spirits, discussing her deep desire to continue serving as a source of comfort and compassion to those in hospice care. We extend our heartfelt gratitude on behalf of Tracie's children and herself for any contributions made. Your support will not only ease the financial burden during this challenging time but also allow Tracie to maintain her commitment to the calling she holds dear. Please consider donating whatever you can to help Tracie in her battle against cancer and her continued service as a dedicated Hospice Nurse. Thank you for your generosity and compassion.

Special Notes

Please no sugar, high protein, healthy foods if you decide to cook a meal and bring it to her. Feel free to donate a gift card if you are not sure what foods to cook. Protein, vegetables, I will post more accurate descriptions as soon as I know more with her chemo treatments. We need to make sure Tracie keeps her nutrients up for her chemo journey ahead. We appreciate each and everyone of you that have helped in every way. Thank you

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