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Support for Soror Olivia Body Davenport

College Station, TX


Please support and show love for our sister, Soror Olivia Body Davenport and her family during this difficult time for the passing of her mother, Mrs. Annie Williams. Mrs. Williams had a great presence in the Brazos Valley community and will be deeply missed by many. As Soror Davenport and her family prepare to celebrate the life of her mother, we ask kindly to please respect their privacy. As much as we want to be there for our sister, please, at this time, refrain from going by to visit as safety measures are still in place for the family and would greatly appreciate time to grieve. If you would like to provide items, the family is ok with bottled water, which can be given to Sorors Pierce or Fowler. Monetary donations via PayPal or by physical mail are encouraged including any gift cards to restaurants and general purposes.

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