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Meal Train for Dante and Demi



Thank you for supporting this beautiful family as they celebrate the life of their new beautiful seed. Let's. rally around them and show them how loved they are :) For these next 40 days we want to make sure that they are well fed , and we will update this page as their needs change.

Special Notes

Below is a list of places and food items that Demi loves in case anyone is picking up some food for the new family. ~TAKEOUT OR DELIVERY REQUESTS~ —— ~Any Time ~ Harmless Coconut Water —— ~Breakfast Items ~ Pastries , Croissants Bacon, Egg and Cheese Plenty On 1825 San Pablo Ave Oakland, CA 94612 United States avocado toast with poached egg Yogurt & Granola / Parfaits w lots of fiber nuts/flaxseeds/& fruits —— ~Lunch~ Acai Bowls from Main Squeeze Chicken Soup —— ~Salads~ Sweetgreen Kale chicken salad —— ~Puerto Rican~ La perla White rice, red beans, maduros, chicken breast (plate) —— ~Mexican~ Taqueria la familia Veggie burrito refried beans —— La calaca loca Chicken taco —— ~Chinese~ Great Wall Albany Sesame Chicken Veggie fried rice —— ~Italian~ Pasta bene Berkeley Chicken Parmesan —— ~Indian~ Viks Anything! Veg Plate of the day and veggie samosa —— ~Thai~ Little Plearn Green curry chicken spicy, veggie pad Thai ~HOMEMADE FOOD~ The family welcomes healthy, homemade food. If you have questions about whether a dish is suitable, feel free to check in with me (Aaron). For inspiration see the takeout requests below. Food that is high fiber with a good balance of greens, proteins, healthy fats & carbs is welcome! If you have time to make food but it's tough to deliver, if you're in Oakland or Berkeley, feel free to text Aaron (510-852-0538) and I may be able to drop it off on your behalf. ~FOODS TO AVOID~ If you'd like to drop-off some healthy homemade food please ensure it does not have any of the following: - Corn (allergy) - Shrimp (allergy) - Soy (not severe allergy but they are avoiding) Ideally they are avoiding most Dairy but are okay with some cheese. ~DROP-OFF GUIDE~ While Dante and/or Demi will enjoy seeing you briefly, please be mindful that these early days are not the time for longer visits. Please also be mindful right now they would like folks not to take or share pictures of Noelani right now. Please text a picture of where you drop off food to Dante when/if you drop off Location: 974 60th street Oakland, CA 94608, Backyard. ~3RD PARTY DELIVERY GUIDE~ If you're ordering food delivery, add Dante's phone number (‭510-847-1864‬) to call in the delivery notes as the unit door is not available from the street. ~QUESTIONS~ If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out directly to Aaron Stevens (friend of family) via email or text. (text is fastest) Email: [email protected] Phone: 510-852-0538

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