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In Loving Memory of Pat (aka Grandma "Hola") - Support for Mia, Tomas, Erik and Alexander

Frisco, TX


Dear Friends of Mia, Thomas, Erik, and Alexander, On Saturday, 3/27/21, Mia's beautiful mom, Pat, passed away at home peacefully around her loving family. For those of us fortunate to know Pat, she was so fun and funny and just lit up the room. She loved company (especially with the girls!) and always loved being a part of the conversations. Pat was witty as witty can be - right when you didn't expect it, she'd throw out a "zinger"! Pat did an amazing thing later in life...she adopted our lovely, lovely Mia as a baby from Taiwan. Raising Mia and her 3 other grown kids, mostly as a single mom, Pat raised Mia to be the daughter of all our dreams - hats off to you Pat! In return, Mia and her siblings took wonderful care of Pat in the recent years - a most beautiful Circle of Life. Alongside Mia, Tomas, being the forever unwavering and supportive partner, also took amazing care of Pat. Trips to see our beautiful country by RV and to Pat's favorite, Florida beaches, made up some unforgettable memories over the past year. Time with Erik and Alexander was a gift Grandma "Hola" no doubt cherished. What a great life Pat...and so well deserved! May you rest in joy, peace, and seeing all the places you have always wanted to see. We love you and will always hold a special place in our hearts for you. With this, it is time for Mia and Tomas and their family to be cared for as they spend this time in rejoicing Mom/Grandma and preparing for their next chapter. For as much as this family takes care of others (and lights up any room like Pat did), we invite friends and family to join in this meal train as your time permits! Thanks in advance for your efforts or simply just for ringing Mia and Tomas to rejoice in Pat!

Special Notes

This is a Meal Train for Mia and Thomas and TOTALLY OPTIONAL. Just setting up for those of us who don't want to overlap with others. We know that M&T are so appreciative of everyone reaching out these past couple of days. For those of you who already dropped off food, they are requesting that no additional meals are needed. Mia says "just come by to say hello with an apple or banana" very Mia, right??? Should you wish to participate: - Just pick a date and time and sign up on the calendar below. - It can be anything you want it to be - a full dinner or just a snack, a smoothie, apple, banana, whatever! - It can be homemade, storebought, or food ordered through UberEats, DoorDash, etc. - Visits with dropoff are totally ok, just please text Mia to see if they have a moment: (469) 623-2321 - Address is: 607 Laverton Drive, Frisco, TX 75036

Care Calendar