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Support for Karolina Post Top Surgery

Groveland, MA


Hey folks! So the time has finally arrived when I’ll be getting my top surgery on February 12th. For those of you who don’t know I’ll have very limited use of my arms for about 2 weeks then slowly more use over the course of the following month. The main support we’ll need as a family is food support and financial support to hire our dog walker for Atlas to give Nyck a break ($40 for a 2-hour hike $50 for an all day adventure). For food any homemade meals we can get, or Door Dash cards to order out (so we don’t break the bank!) would be perfect. The first week we’ll be at my parents house in Middleton with my parents providing the extra support we need, then the following week we’ll be back home in Groveland. If time or finances are a barrier then a text or call to break up the day of not doing much would be appreciated! Thank you so much for your love and support!

Special Notes

For food: Nyck is mostly gluten free, but I eat gluten. And meals light on the dairy would also be appreciated!

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