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Love for Luke Lev

Minneola, FL


Praise the LORD! Little Luke Lev is now home. It's a busy time for Ramon and Melanie as he requires much care. They have to feed him every 3 hours. We love this family very much and want to help them out. This "give in kind" page has been set up so our Mishpocha can help them out with meals and cleaning. Melanie advised that 4 meals a week would be sufficient to feed her family. Please select a date starting with Monday, July 26th. List what you are bringing so others will not duplicate. We will do this thru August 30th. Only the days highlighted are the days we are to provide a meal. Although it is a family of 6, two are small children. Please always call before going. Melanie's phone number is: 352-444-4502.

Special Notes

No allergies except Shea Scarberry is allergic to avocados.

Care Calendar