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JP’s Journey

Cadillac, MI


New Year’s Eve 2023 found JP Matlak fighting for his life in a hospital in Grand Rapids, after suffering a traumatic brain injury that could have snatched his life away in minutes. Thanks be to God, who surely orchestrated the swift action of friends to get him immediate medical help, amazing surgeons who were there and ready to operate, and dozens of other things, JP’s life was graciously spared. The progress he has made is nothing short of miraculous! We are so thankful. With multiple surgeries behind him, there are more on the horizon and he still has a significant healing journey ahead. After spending weeks in the hospital and at Mary Free Bed in Grand Rapids, JP is currently undergoing multi-discipline therapies at Hope Network, an in-patient center in East Lansing to help him regain physical abilities for every day living (walking, eating, speech, balance, etc.). We anticipate that he will have many physical and financial needs when he gets home. Many have asked how they can help - thank you! We are hoping this page will be an avenue for just that and we will update it as his needs change. For now, prayers and financial help will be the most significant until he gets a grasp on what his medical bills and ongoing physical needs will be. If you are able to help, know that it will be immensely appreciated! We are so thankful for all of those who have prayed for him and encouraged him on this journey so far. With gratitude, JP's Family