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Meal Train and Gift Card Support for the Archino Twins and Family

Aledo, TX


On June 25, 2021 two blessings were brought into the world by Megan and Kyle Archino! Kolter Kyle Archino (3lb 11oz ,16 1/2”) & Mesa Jean Archino (3lb 13oz, 17 1/4”) arrived 10 weeks early and have been in the NICU and have had some challenges early on in their lives. Kolter is making steady progress growing and gaining weight and Megan and Kyle are able to hold him everyday. Unfortunately Mesa has had some complications and is still sick. She is fighting off a nasty infection, sepsis, and inflamed intestines. They do know that some of her intestine is injured and has leaked fluid out into her abdomen. This means she will need surgery in the near future to repair what is injured. As of right now, she is doing a little better and is stable. If they can keep her stable, they are going to give her time to rest and get some of the fluid off of her swollen little body. The doctors says they can wait 2 weeks to a month for surgery. Please continue to pray for this family during this difficult but blessed time! This page was made to make it easier to support this family from all their family and friends all over the nation by providing meals, gift cards, monetary donations through paypal and support during this time while the babies are in the hospital. Their baby registry can also be found on the Amazon wishlist link- Mesa and Kolter made an appearance even before their baby shower! Please continue to pray for this sweet family and thank you all for your support!

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