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Help Share Some love For Gerri-Anne

Jacksonville, FL


One of our oldest and best friends from the “good ole swimming days” at Ed White (1994ish-1996) is in serious need of our help! I didn’t know how else to ask (besides this page), as she wishes that only her friends know the details. I’m keeping it as “anonymous” as possible (until she says otherwise), but here is what I know: She was diagnosed with breast cancer IDC (invasive ductal carcinoma) grade 2 pr+ er+ Her2-.  She will start hormone blockers this Monday (March 29, 2021), and will have a radical bilateral mastectomy radiation and reconstruction on May 3, 2021. It is all happening REALLY fast! She does not have health insurance, and obviously she will be unable to work (meaning no income!) for a few months, so I’m praying we can find a way to help her (like she would do for us)! **There Is is a shining light in the story!**  With the planned aggressive treatment and surgery - SHE WILL HEAL! And the cancer will NOT come back! (Praise God!!)

Special Notes

She would enjoy announced visitor. Please if you have been sick or around sick people stay away! . Love to all of you guys that are supporting her through prayers, light and well wishes. 

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