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Serving Up Support: Meal Train for Brittany Williams

Columbia Falls, MT


A simple trip to Urgent Care for pink eye turned into news you never expect as a young mom at 34 years old. While the nurse was doing a routine check she noticed the abnormal tenderness Brittany was experiencing around her chest area. Brittany noted she'd been having pain for a few months. That lead the nurse to ordering an ultrasound, which lead to a biopsy, which ultimately revealed the beginning stages of breast cancer. Fast forward a week later and the decision was made to do a double mastectomy. Thank goodness for catching it early, but this will still be a long healing process and we appreciate all the support you can give during Brittany's recovery over the next few months. Her first surgery is scheduled on Valentine's Day. The perfect day to show her some love and sign up to deliver a hot meal, gift card to a local restaurant, or freezer meal to pull out as needed.

Special Notes

Brittany will need to be up for most of her recovery, so visitors are welcome to come keep her on her feet and entertained during the day! Taking the load off of feeding the family will be the most help. Pick a day on the calendar below to drop off a meal for the family of 5 - along with maybe doing a load of laundry or loading/emptying the dish washer when you stop by. We all know how house work can pile up and a little help keeping the house in order would be a huge help both mentally and physically for a woman we all know will try to do too much during recovery! Please avoid shell fish and bee pollen (Tanner is allergic). As well as raw tomatoes (cooked in sauces is fine) and no high fructose corn syrup (Tucker is allergic). Other than that - they love all kinds of food! And baked goods are great when you have a house full of kids.

Care Calendar