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Love for Steph

Cameron, MO


Stephanie update 1/20/24 - My CT results are showing the cancer has spread to my abdomen. They also found some suspicious lymph nodes in my chest cavity. I am going to see pulmonary next week to set up a biopsy. We are holding off on removing the mass(in my uterus), because doc wants me to start chemo. Once the biopsy is done, we will get moving on the chemo. I have been feeling really run down, but maybe that's just being 41. If you see me, and I look tired, i am. Shout out to Michael, who has been holding the house together, so I can take much needed naps. Thank you to the people that have dropped off food and groceries! That has been such a huge help. We suck at asking for help, so I'm always grateful for the ones that just decide to jump on our crazy train. 🤪 We have a lot of appointments coming up, and I'm hoping the chemo doesn't kick my a$$, too bad.

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