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Supporting the Thompsons

Charlotte, NC


This page has been created to support Wes & Lisa Thompson as they embark on a long and exhausting journey with Cancer. Wes was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. He will begin a 2-4 month regimen of Chemo on 5/11. Lisa works full time and has a lot on her plate (emotionally & physically) over the next four months or so. Wes also has Type 2 Diabetes. He lost his leg about 6 years ago and  is currently battling a wound infection on his other foot that began a couple months ago. So at this time, he has a lot going on and can't work, or drive and is confined to a wheelchair for his mobility. Starting next week, his time will mostly be spent recuperating from the exhaustive chemo schedule that has been put in place. Lisa is currently the only one working and we'd like to take something as easy as "Dinner" off of her plate so when she gets home at night, she can concentrate on spending time with Wes and taking care whatever his needs may be.  

Special Notes

There are no food allergies. Wes is a Type 2 Diabetic, so healthy, Low Carb dinners are always appreciated, but not necessary. For those friends and relatives who live out of town and can't deliver a meal in person, Gift Cards to Restaurants would be greatly appreciated! 

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