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Love and Support for Glenda

Walnut Creek, CA


In late January, I noticed a breast lump which I thought was associated to a clogged duct from breastfeeding. After back-and-forth email and video chat with a doctor (thank you covid 🤦🏽‍♀‍) and noticing an increase in discomfort and pain. I had an in-person doctors visit on March 24th, which turned into an immediate mammogram appointment on that same day. The mammogram confirmed that I had a mass that needed further evaluation. I was scheduled for an ultrasound for further review. Unfortunately, during the ultrasound appointment they noticed further spread to my lymph nodes so I had a triple biopsy. On Thursday April 1st at noon, our world got flipped upside down with a phone call from Dr. Blair confirming that I had breast cancer. Given the size and spread to my lymph nodes she recommended me to Kaiser Walnut Creek’s Breast Cancer Center to meet with a surgeon to plan out treatment and next steps. I had an MRI, and genetic screening to test if this is hereditary or if I have any other genetic cancer mutation. Thankfully cancer was not found in my genes. On April 13th I had a surgical consultation with Dr. Chakedis that reviewed my pathology report and highly recommended beginning with chemotherapy first. He explained my diagnoses at a Stage 3b and Grade 3 with receptors of Estrogen positive but at a very low level (11%-20%), progesterone negative, and HER2 negative. He mentioned that given that my estrogen levels are so low that he defines this as a “triple negative” cancer which he said is an aggressive cancer, but treatable and he advised meeting with an oncologist to understand my options. Following our doctor’s appointment with the surgeon we met with my oncologist Dr. Kengla to go over treatment plan for chemotherapy. While also further screening me for further spread. I had a C-Scan, Bone Scan, multiple MRI’s , EKG, ECHO and a port placement for chemotherapy. Thankfully during all of my screening with Kaiser a family friend helped me get a referral for a second opinion with UCSF. I know God is with me during this journey and I have many angels looking over me and my family because in a matter of days our family friend got me an appointment with Dr. Hope Rugo or as Brandon likes to say the Michael Jordan of Oncology. Dr. Rugo agreed that after evaluating my medical chart that she advised on chemotherapy first and thought I would be a good candidate for her program. UCSF has a research program called ISPY which is a focus on clinical trial medications for young women like me who have no genetic traits of cancer or any other health conditions to treat the cancer. To be an eligible candidate at UCSF, I did a MammaPrint (core biopsy), Breast MRI, EKG, and more lab work. On May 3rd all results were back, and I started treatment on Tuesday, May 4th at UCSF with Dr.Rugo. I will be doing 12 cycles of Taxol (once per week every Tuesday) and cemiplamab + REGN 3767 for 4 cycles every 3 weeks (weeks 1, 4, 7, 10). Last day of chemo if no complications would be July 20th (week 12), I will have another MRI and Biopsy to see my progress and how my cancer is responding to treatment. Brandon has been on leave from work since my diagnoses on April 1st and has been able to accompany me to the appointments and consultations, he is also being Mr. Mom and doing a fantastic job! We want to THANK YOU all so much for the calls, meals, flowers, and endless support. We are so lucky to have you all supporting us during this difficult time. I will plan to continue to update you all on my journey, because cancer may be part of me, but it will not define me. Sending you all our Love!

Special Notes

Brandon and Glenda will put a cooler outside their house if you choose to drop off meals. Current dietary restrictions for Glenda are no spicy foods and no high rich foods. Some of Glenda’s favorite restaurants are: Some of Glenda’s favorite foods are: