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Support for the family of Iossif Mario Gressis


It’s hard to imagine reconciling such a tragic loss for the Gressis family and our community. Joe impacted so many lives over a vast network throughout our region. Over the past few days, we have kept everything close as the family has tried to just comprehend this loss. As everything has become more organized and they continued to get such an outpouring of love from the community, we wanted to create a page to help coordinate different needs. The family does appreciate all of the condolences, thoughts, and prayers because they are definitely needed and in the coming weeks will reach back out individually. In the meantime, we are determining what type of support would be needed. The main tasks at hand right now are bringing family back into town from out of the country and making basic arrangements details. As more details come into place, those will be shared with the community he so much loved. We will start to post dates etc. through this page when we know what support such as meals or other items would be needed and appreciated. Thank you for so much for the love you have shown.

Special Notes

Any questions can be texted to 301-213-4619 Eric

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