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Love for Jen Radi

Victor, NY


Jen’s sister was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. In light of her diagnosis, Jen underwent genetic testing which shows that she possesses the same genetic mutation as her sister, thus putting her at a higher lifetime risk for breast cancer. As a result, she has decided to undergo a risk reduction procedure, an elective double mastectomy with simultaneous reconstruction (ie. DIEP). Her recovery will consist of minimal movement for the first 3 weeks, including normal activities of daily living (self-care or household). The typical expected recovery for this type of major surgery is usually 8 weeks. It is her plan to rest, lay low and heal during this time. Our community has benefited so much from Jen's expertise and giving nature. Now it is our turn to show up for her. Many people have been asking how they could help or what they could do to be of assistance. As a result, this page was created. Please take a moment to see how you might be able help and give back to Jen, Tanya and their family - Jaiden (18), Meredith (12), Colton (12), Sydney (10), and Joshua (5). Her wife, Tanya, is the point-person for questions (email or mobile 585-208-6624).

Special Notes

Jen has an ALLERGY to parsley and oregano! Please avoid dishes with raw onion, mushroom, as well as Mediterranean themed dishes. Vegetables are a part of each dinner and they enjoy fresh fruit as often as they have it available. Favorite pizza place: Victor Village Inn (Garlic white with pepperoni or traditional red with pepperoni) or Pontillos (Garlic white with pepperoni or traditional red with ham) Favorite household meals: -Tacos -Pulled pork -Grilled meats (hotdogs, burgers, chicken, steak and pork) -Mac and cheese -Chinese (New Kings Wok; pork lo mean, chicken and snow peas, beef and broccoli, sweet and sour) -Pasta -Soup and sandwiches -Salads, fresh vegetables and fresh fruit -Ice cream (Jen's absolute favorite)! Please be mindful of Covid-19 guidelines and social distancing. There will be a cooler placed on the front porch in the event that Jen is napping at the time of your drop-off.

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