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Support Jennie Underwood During Chemotherapy Treatment Weeks - Aug, Sept, Oct

Uniontown, OH


Thank you to friends and family of Jennie Underwood! In late April 2021, Jennie was diagnosed with Stage One Invasive Ductal Carcinoma - breast cancer. After a series of meetings and tests with doctors and surgeons here in Akron, Ohio, she was scheduled for two surgeries happening on June 22, 2021. Because of Jennie's BRCA-2 gene mutation, her doctor ordered a double mastectomy and then reconstructive surgery for that same day. Jennie's surgeries on June 22 were successful and she has been resting and taking it easy as her scars heal from the reconstructive surgery. The tumor that was removed was evaluated in an Oncotype test, indicating a high risk of recurrence for this specific cancer in another location in her body. Jennie will begin a 12-week (4 dose) treatment of Chemotherapy on Thursday, August 19th. At the encouragement of friends and family who have asked how to support Jennie and the Underwoods during this season, we've created this page as a portal to sign up for meals, communication, and any other assistance the Underwoods might need or greatly appreciate during this summer. Thank you for praying for Jennie and Gary, Alli, Luke and Julie during this time!

Special Notes

We have updated this site and Care Calendar for Jennie's Chemotherapy weeks, as she is scheduled to receive her next treatments on Thursdays September 9, September 30, and October 21. Meanwhile, all three of our kids are in school full-time - it's an intense 12 weeks for the Underwoods! If you'd like to help with a Food Gift Card or Deliver a Meal, it would be a huge help for us and Jennie. This page also has a donation button (PayPal) and any amount you'd like to contribute would certainly help us with medical and family expenses during the chemotherapy treatment weeks! Thank you and God Bless you!

Care Calendar