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Meal train for David & Megan

Jacksonville, FL


Hi friends and fam! David and Megan are approaching their baby due date, so this food train will be a life savor once baby is here and keeping mom and dad busy. Also, since they are in Jacksonville, this will be a great way to still take care of them/help out with meals from afar! Whether you prefer Uber Eats, Postmate, Door Dash, or e-giftcards...any and all are great! Let’s plan to cover Tuesdays and Thursdays starting August 10th for a month. Select the day you will provide dinner for them. We request the meal is delivered by 5pm in case they are starving, going to sleep early, who knows - haha. If we get enough people involved, we can add on a day each week if all dates get claimed. I know this will be a blessing to them since they aren’t right down the road from most friends and family. We can’t wait for their baby girl to be here soon! ❤️❤️❤️

Special Notes

They are not picky eaters! Just no seafood. Make sure food delivery service contacts David or Megan via phone when meal is on its way! Below is the calendar. Select a day that is still available to send the growing family dinner! If you have any questions just text me (Rachel). Thank you so much.

Care Calendar